Project Description



Hunting is a controversial subject.

To find out more I decided to follow hunters and learn about their work. What I found was a group of people with a strong connection to nature, both the peaceful side, and the wild hierarchy of nature.

I was surprised by the in-depth knowledge of nature hunters have. A hunting permit in Germany requires people to pass a stringent test on the country’s flora and fauna, including how to recognise the age, sex, and health of animals, and which can be hunted at which time of year, in order to maintain local populations. Nonetheless, hunting is a gruesome business. Some hunt for food, some hunt for the thrill, some simply because they enjoy nature. The fact is that nature is not always nice, and hunting isn’t either.

Through my experience I cannot justify hunting, but neither can I reject it, all I can do is understand it and accept it.

Some of the following images are gruesome. Then again, anyone who cannot come to terms with their food coming from dead animals, should be a vegetarian. Vegetarians, this series is not for you.

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